Explore the Tropics: 4 Must-See Tropical Vacation Destinations

Regardless of where you live, If you are seeking warmer temperatures in the doldrums of winter, consider some of these exceptional tropical destinations:


Riviera Maya, Mexico

A destination packed with perks, Riviera Maya will meet all of your tropic needs.  From authentic cultural experiences and food to stunning white sand beaches that offer tranquility and tons of sun.  Affordable, and located at the end of the Yucatan peninsula, Riviera Maya gives visitors a mix of the Caribbean and the ever popular destination of Cancun.  Stay at an all-inclusive resort or a small boutique hotel that provides a more low-key experience. To get into some adventurous activities, head to the beach to swim with dolphins, or take up snorkeling to see some of the beautiful native marine life.  


Bora Bora, Tahiti

When you think “tropical paradise” you can definitely think Bora Bora.  A stunning French Polynesian island escape that offers visitors a once in a lifetime experience.  Enjoy beautiful scenery and stay in luxury bungalows that are set right over the crystal blue waters; some of these bungalows even have glass floors that give you a perfect look into the water below.  Experience authentic French cuisine and find adventure on stunning hiking trails and underwater explorations.


Six destinations worth exploring in 2018

With geopolitical tensions running high, it’s easy to see why so many people just want to escape from it all and jet off to parts unknown. But what are the best places to see in 2018? We’ve compiled a hot list of the most alluring, intriguing and downright fun places on the planet to visit this year!


A large Italian island nestled in the Mediterranean Ocean, Sardinia is loved by celebrities such as George Clooney. Known for its gorgeous hiking trails and even some mysterious ruins from the Bronze Age, Sardinia seems to be making a name as one of the most sought-after destinations in 2018.


If you like the idea of Sardinia but you’re looking for something with a more distinctly French flair, it’s time to check out Corsica. With renowned hiking trails and a coastline to die for, Corsica is truly a gem. Combining the best of France and Italy, this is one vacation destination that cannot be missed.


It’s not every day that you visit an island that was once rumored to be made from the corpses of gods, but the Greek hotspot Mykonos is not just any island. Located in the Aegean Sea, it also boasts a bombastic dance music scene, as well as windmills that have been there for over five centuries. Those who are seeking out a fun summer excursion will undoubtedly fall for the party vibes in Mykonos. With idyllic weather and a friendly population, Mykonos tends to pop up a lot on social media these days.



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